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Coban Salatasi Vintage Yellow Plate
Çoban Salatası



Cucumber-Yogurt Salad

Havuç Salatası

Carrot-Tomato Salad

Çoban Salatası

Shepherds’ Salad: Cucumbers, onions, and tomatoes in a lemon juice-olive oil dressing. Peppers add extra zip, if desired.

Meat and Kebab Dishes:

Adana Kebap
Adana Kebap

Adana Kebap

Spicy ground beef and lamb cooked on a skewer

Urfa Kebap

Ground beef and lamb cooked on a skewer

Tavuk Adana

Tavuk Adana

Spicy ground chicken mixed with spices and other ingredients, cooked on a skewer

Tavuk Urfa

Ground chicken mixed with mild spices and other ingredients, cooked on a skewer

Saç Kavurma

Bite-sized pieces of beef or lamb sautéed with peppers and tomatoes

Kuşbaşı Şış

Shish Kebab: Chunks of beef, lamb, or chicken cooked on a skewer


Spicy ground meat patties

Balık Kebap

Ground fish mixed with ground onion and other herbs, and then cooked on a skewer)

Balık Köfte

Ground fish patties


Ramazan Pide Turkish Bread
Ramazan Pide–Turkey’s seasonal favorite bread comes to the Tri-State area.



Simits (Bread Rings): The sesame seed-studded bread seen everywhere on the streets of every Turkish city.

Ramazan Pide

Ramadan Bread: Every day’s a holiday with this festive bread, covered with sesame and nigella seeds.

Savory Pastries:

Sigara Börek

Sigara Börek

Sigara Börek: Layers of flaky goodness surround herbed cheese or potato fillings. These savory pastries pair well with Turkish tea for a light lunch or afternoon snack. They also make a fabulous appetizer before a hearty meal.


Fresh bread pockets stuffed with potatoes or a herbed cheese mixture, then fried to perfection in hot oil: Turkish comfort food at its best. The potato version is vegan.


Baked biscuits stuffed with potatoes or cheese: These delightful biscuits can also be served plain.  Perfect with a glass of Turkish hot tea in the winter or with an all-American glass of Southern sweet tea during the summer.

Main Dishes:


İcli Köfte

Deep-fried fritters stuffed with a flavorful meat and chopped walnut mixture and a  bulgur crust: Hailing from Turkey’s eastern province of Gaziantep, these hearty fritters earned a place on UNESCO’s protected foods list.


Meat or potato-filled dumplings, slathered with a garlicky yogurt sauce, and then topped with a red pepper-butter sauce

Çiğ Köfte

Spicy tomato-y patties filled with a mixture of bulgur, tomato paste, herbs, peppers, and other spices: These protein-packed patties are perfect for lacto-ovo vegetarians or others who want a hearty meatless meal.  Ask if you need a vegan version.


Zucchini-egg patties: Ground zucchini and eggs blend with mild cheese and herbs in these delicious fritters. This light dish is also suitable for lacto-ovo vegetarians.




Sweet Cheese Pastry: Strands of wheat mixed with butter form a crust, inside of which nestles ooey-gooey melted cheese. Topped with ground pistachios and sweet syrup, this dessert is one of Turkey’s best-loved desserts.


Cevizli Kadayif
Kadayif topped with walnuts

Kadayıf (Shredded Wheat Pastry): Delicate strands of wheat mixed with butter, stuffed with ground walnuts or pistachios, and topped with sweet syrup.

Çıkolatalı Pasta

Chocolate Cake with Custard Topping: In Turkish, pasta means pastry, not spaghetti. This made-from-scratch layer chocolate cake is filled and topped with rich chocolate custard.

Kremalı Pasta

Vanilla Cake with Vanilla Custard Topping: This rich brown vanilla cake has almost a caramel flavor. Filled and topped with creamy vanilla custard, this cake is sure to satisfy any vanilla lover.

İrmik Tatlısı

Chocolate or Vanilla Semolina Custard: Semolina custard flavored with chocolate or vanilla is frozen in a mold, topped with your choice of cinnamon, chocolate syrup, or walnuts (or all three!) thawed just enough to bring out the flavor, and served for a treat that will take the edge of summer’s heat.

Kabak Tatlısı

Pumpkin Dessert: Pumpkin or winter squash, peeled, slathered with sugar, and left overnight to soak up the goodness. The next day,  the chef will cook the pumpkin and top it with ground walnuts, cinnamon, or coconut and a sweet syrup. Thanks to modern farming techniques, this fall favorite can be yours all year long!


Pistachio Baklava
Cam Fıstıklı Baklava–pistachio baklava

Flaky pastry layered with butter and ground nuts, then drizzled with sugar syrup. Choose your favorite: ground pistachios, ground walnuts, or nut-free.

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