Turkish Chef Hasan Gunay

Turkish Chef Now in Tri-State Area

Çiğ Köfte
Çiğ Köfte: A Garden of Goodness in Every Bite

Serving northeastern Ohio, the northern panhandle of West Virginia, and western Pennsylvania, chef Hasan Riza Gunay serves fresh, natural Turkish selections to clients in their homes. With only the best ingredients, locally sourced when possible, Hasan will prepare your family’s meals in the traditional Turkish style.

Homestyle Meals, Turkish Style

Coming of age in a traditional Turkish neighborhood in Istanbul, Chef Hasan learned cooking skills from some of the finest restaurants and street chefs in Istanbul. His blend of homey favorites, such as mantı, mucver, and sütlaç, with some of Istanbul’s most iconic street foods, such as içli köfte, ciğ köfte, and simit, makes your dining experience an immersion in Turkish culture as he prepares his tasty Turkish treats.

Save Time with Your Turkish Personal Chef

After he finishes shopping for and preparing your meal, Hasan will clean up the preparation and cooking area, package the rest of the food he has prepared for the following week, and leave you with a full belly and a smile on your face. You might even learn a Turkish phrase or two!

De-stress with Done-For-You Meals

Chef Hasan knows how life’s stresses can impact his clients’ lives. Having already-prepared meals takes one item off your to-do list and frees you to spend time with friends and family. Stress less and contact Chef Hasan to arrange a free consultation today!




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