Super Turkish Chef

Adana KebapThe world-famous Turkish cuisine–its flavors, tastes, and variety–has come to you here in Northeastern Ohio and the Tri-State area.

Your Turkish chef has arrived!

Taste the flavor of human happiness with a unique experience right in your home. Watch me as I showcase the dexterity that comes from natural talent blended with years of experience under the guidance of some of Istanbul’s finest cooks.

In Turkey, we pride ourselves on food with little or no artificial additives. That sort of natural goodness can be yours when I come to your home. Hand-crafted, fresh food can be yours at the touch of a button when you reserve a spot on my schedule.

If you’re familiar with Turkish food, select your favorites and call me to come to your home. If you want, you and your family can enjoy watching me prepare the food in the rapid-fire manner that only a native Turk, weaned on börek and mantı, could.

If you don’t know much about Turkish cooking, I’ll teach you all you need to know to select your favorites. You can find an English-language menu with descriptions of each menu item on my menu page.

For an extra fee, I’ll entertain you with Ottoman-inspired music and dance, blending Çengi, Köçek, and Zenne traditions as I waltz around the kitchen, plying my charm and humor among the gathered family and guests.

This is, my friends, the first and only Turkish chef show in America. And it’s coming your way. I offer you stress-busting fun, delicious food, and a little culture on the side. Reserve your spot now.

Yours for better eating,

Hasan Riza Gunay–Your Turkish Chef

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